Words, Thoughts and Observations...


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Steven P. Taylor


Richard chooses his words well and writes with feeling from the heart about subjects that he genuinely cares about. Always a pleasure to read...

Henry Normal

Writer, Poet, Film Producer

Richard’s poetry is accessible, inventive and full of charm...

Lesley Atherton

Presenter of the “Words And Music” radio show and publisher with “Words Are Life”
Review of "Words, Thoughts, Observations"

Richard Easton was in my year at high school. Though our form rooms were a few steps across the corridor, I didn’t know him, but almost 40 years later I did remember his name.

I’m not aware of any other schoolmates working with words, although by the law of averages, some at least must be. Anyway...

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Review of "Rambling Through Lockdown"

Sensitive, intelligent and down to Earth, these poems reflect the poet perfectly. Richard Easton observes both the world around us and the world within a rare relatability.


Tom Stuart

Via Twitter (@TStewart626)

"I'll just have a quick glance through"

2 hours later I put it down! An unmissable collection by @JRE6198 expressing a lifetime of Words, Thoughts and Observations worthy of the shelves of @Waterstones. Fascinating poetry, incredible writer, wonderful charities. Thank you Richard

Terry Finn QPM

Via Twitter (@Zibatsu)

This book kept me company with my morning brew. "Pressing The Button" and "Mans Best Friend" had me hooked immediately. Written by a friend and fellow retired cop @JRE6198 this is well worth investing time in. Well written, poignant and full of emotion. Great work Rick!

Gordon Swan

Via Twitter (@gordonswan_gdog)

@JRE6198 Rick Easton, my very dear friend and also a cracking poet, has just showcased his first book on Rossendale Radio.

The collection of poems, entitled Words, Thoughts, Observations, is a traverse through his life as a policeman and into retirement and His love of nature.

Please try and get hold of a copy. It’s sat by my bedside and I read it with warmth and honour that we served together in a part of Manchester where the law really did have to be the law.

Many poems I have personal knowledge of, many are just beautiful writings. Thanks Tricky