Rambling Through Lockdown

Spare any change, please?

From "Rambling Through Lockdown"

"Can you spare any change please?"
Vulnerability displayed
In the street
For all to see

"No problem, God Bless, Have a nice day"
As you all walk past me

"Any spare change, Mister?"
Maybe he didn't hear me
With that gorgeous girl
Whispering in his ear

No way out of... this thing
Nowhere to go, No longer any tears

"Spare any change, Miss?"
She's so confident
As she just walks on by

A businessman on his mobile phone
I try to catch his eye

"Any spare change Sir?"
The stress on his face as
He works to sort a deal

The short dated food
And leftovers
That will make up my next meal

"Can you spare any change please?"
For chemicals
The addiction that they feed

So many issues
That drive my decline
It'll help to get what I need

"Can you spare any change please?"
It'll make it easier
When I'm rattlin'
To block out the pain

"Can you spare any change please?"
It will help me to cope with
Another night in the cold and rain

A young girl, living like this
I don't recognise
The dangers you may see

I just do what I must
To exist through today
"Any spare change?"
Really means,
"Please, Help me"

Copyright © Richard Easton 2021