Rambling Through Lockdown

Smart Times

From "Rambling Through Lockdown"

My memories of a time that passed
in little more than a few decades
Progress? Maybe,
time will tell
what progress was really made.

Research for homework meant flicking through
the pages of an encyclopaedia
When Franz Ferdinand
was not a band
and The Park was Social Media

We had a rented television
with three channels we could watch
We had it on hire from RadioRentals
We all called it 'The Box'

We also had a telephone,
on a table in the hall
it had a silver lock on it
so I couldn't make a call

I had a map, I'd sit and stare
at all the places,
and wonder
what it would be like
and if could I get there on my bike

Mum bought all our groceries
from the Spar...
on Sunny Bank Road
The shop keeper would
deliver a box
in his van,
to our abode

Dad might take the family out
for a drive on a sunny day
Mum navigating with an A to Zed
them arguing all the way

In the dining room was a radiogram
For playing Albums and singles
On Sundays
Mum and Dad would dance
to their favourite tunes and jingles

we rented a video camera
to film a special day
and after the event had happened
the film was never played

Every other week,
I'd borrow a book from the local library
and read it on a rainy day
if there was nothing on the TV

"We'd sometimes get the photos out
and we'd all become
Mum made sure
we didn't get any
fingerprints on the negatives

We'd get the bus
to Town
To waste a day if we were bored
And spend the day just looking
at things
That we
could not afford

I'd buy a tabloid newspaper
and check out today's Page 3
I'd buy a birthday card
And Gary Numan's new LP

We had to have the right money
For any bus journeys that we MADE
Or maybe just walk home
coz we'd
spent up in the arcade

I'd go to my mates
For a chat
And make plans to watch a Movie
And so I didn't forget the details
I'd write
a reminder
In my diary

that never happened
Was a parcel getting delivered

If someone called
you confirmed
your telephone number,
when you answered

I'd go to the bank
Deposit a cheque
And pay a couple of debts
Then nip in the Bookies,
Check out the form,
And place a couple of Bets

It's strange how quickly
Things have changed
Those times have all but GONE
As it seems to be,
that nowadays
We do everything
by mobile phone.

Copyright © Richard Easton 2021